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Chapter 3

The Doctor looked in the mirror,"You know what doctor you need to go out there find a new companion,and stop thinking about her." As he spoke in third person,he heard a knock on the door.He trotted to the door,and when he opened it he saw a gray mare,with strange eyes.She spoke,"Umm hello are you Mister the Doctor?' The doctor looked at her,"Yes?" He said awkwardly,"Oh okay this is for you,"She handed him a letter.He took the letter and read in his head,"Dear Doctor, I would love if you were able to make it to the Wedding of Mister Harold Saxon and Miss BlackStorm. Sincerely,Your old friend." The doctor's eyes grew wide."I have to stop this." The doctor ran into his wardrobe room in the TARDIS.He grabbed a tux and ran out,but before he started running off he turned around to the mare,"What's your name?" The mare looked at him,"My name is Ditzy." "Well ditzy do you want to stop a wedding with me?" She looked at him,"But what would I wear?" He looked at her in her mail-mare outfit.He ran back in and grabbed the dress BlackStorm wore to the grand galloping gala.He sighed,"This'll do." He ran out,"put this on." After she put it on they left.The doctor was galloping faster then he ever did before.He go to the church,and saw them he looked at her,and then he looked at the master.Closed his eyes and cried,"No,No,NO! I'm to late!" But when he opened his eyes him and he wasn't next to the church anymore.He was in the ground with dizty,"Doctor? Where are we?" The doctor looked around,"We're under ponyville."
Yay! Finally got a chapter done!
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June 30, 2013
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